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hey friend,

I'm Angelica: a free spirit with an attention to detail and an eye for seeing the beauty in everyone, and in every moment. My mission is to give you images that authentically capture YOU and your story. Our stories and the people we love are truly what makes up a lifetime. And I am here to help bring your story to life with intentional and meaningful images.

let's do this!

That's why we're both here, right? You have a story to tell—whether you're a couple capturing your love story, or a brand telling your audience about the heart behind your business.


It's a joy for me to document it!

My job means everything to me, because your story means everything to you.

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the art of storytelling... so I found myself diving into the entertainment industry, hoping to create incredible stories and pieces of art for the world to see. But the stories fell short. Something was missing. I quickly realized it was not the industry for me.

I started paying attention to the stories around me... the ones that had authenticity and heart behind them. I began documenting those incredible stories, and immediately knew this was my calling. These are priceless memories in the making—your story unfolding right in front of us.

"Angelica is fantastic. She has done many shoots for me and my family, including my fiancé’s proposal! She’s not only talented, but you can tell she loves her job. It shows in her work. You know that when it’s your happy and special moment, it’s Angelica’s happy and special moment too. She is the first person I think of when documenting special life stages."


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Sweet, loving, candid moments make my heart flutter. This is what I strive for with every session: authentic emotions that capture a glimpse of your love story.

I'm always seeking natural light that showcases you and your celebration in the best way possible. While editing, I use that natural light to create airy and true-to-color images.

While I'm behind the camera, I'm noticing the intricate details, genuine emotions, and unique elements that make a couple, family, event or brand truly distinctive.

My style

When I capture your joy, I look for those little everyday moments: the moments that light you up and bring real emotion into every image. 

To me, JOY is that feeling of sea breeze combing through your hair... salty skin and sand under my toes. It's waking up to fresh pancakes, or sleeping in just a few minutes longer until the coffee's ready. It's the comfort of your favorite tee, the beat to your favorite playlist, or laughter with the one you love. Joy is the little things: happiness found in the everyday moments.


When I capture light, I look for the true good in people. Light always overcomes the darkness. My goal is to capture a glimpse of the things that make us shine. 

As a photographer, I'm always looking for the light: it's the natural goodness that makes photos come to life. But I'm also looking for the light in our everyday interactions... seeking the GOOD in people. I'm searching for the true light in every photo, and I believe there's always goodness to be found if you just know where to look.


When I capture love, I look for it in every form: Romantic love between two soulmates. Love for what you do: passion for your purpose in life. Self-love as you embrace who you are. Love for life, every single day.

At the end of the day, it's love that really matters—the thing that makes everything else worthwhile. Love between two people who were made to be together. Love for yourself: embracing who you are meant to be and what you have to offer to the world. There's no better feeling.


moments of joy, light, and love

On any given day, I would rather be:

at the beach or on a boat!

pop quiz

The last store I shopped at:


My typical Starbucks order:

vanilla cream cold brew

Water vs. Sand

Sneakers vs. Sandals

Nikon vs. Canon

Brunch vs. Dessert

Music vs. Podcast

California vs. Texas

1. Sunshine and Saltwater
2. Cold brew coffee
3. Mocha (my dog)
4. Business Books
5. Connecting with people
6. Capturing your story!

I believe that investing in photography services is something you will never regret. I am forever grateful for the countless photos and videos my parents took of our childhood. Reflecting on those times brings you back to a state of peace and pure happiness. These tangible keepsakes will forever be cherished for generations to come. Life is so valuable and precious; I believe in preserving the lives that matter to us through photos. 


I have a lot of pride in the experience I give each of my clients. I am always working towards perfecting the Angelica Marie Photography experience and I am very happy with the direction is it going. My clients are more than just clients to me, they are my friends. I am here to walk them through the process and give them the resources necessary for them to get the results they want. I am not just a photographer that shows up the day of the shoot with no background knowledge of what you want. I am there every step of the way to ensure the best results. 


Love is what ties everything and everyone together. I truly believe that LOVE is the strongest force, and makes a huge impact in the world. If we all showed a little more love to those who mattered – stoped nitpicking at unnecessary things, and started appreciating the big AND small moments – so many issues would be resolved. We only get so much time on this earth, and it is so important to spread your love wherever you can and as much as you can. 

love + light

What I believe

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