Hello There 

​Growing up I have always been fascinated by the art of storytelling, and found myself diving into the entertainment industry - hoping to create incredible stories and pieces of art for the world to see. Through many internships I quickly realized that this was not the industry for me. Once I began my photography business I was surrounded by incredible individuals with amazing stories to tell, and immediately knew this was my calling. My job is everything to me and I love working with my clients to create the best experience possible and priceless memories to take away

My style is simple, elegant and airy. Sweet, loving candid moments make my heart flutter and that is what I strive for with every session. When shooting I look for the intricate details, raw emotions and the true elements of an individual, family or event. 

I just graduated with my Masters in Communication Studies at Cal State Northridge this past May. This is my first year running my business full time and I am so excited for this journey!

I love making new friends, so if you have any questions on what I do, I would be happy to meet up for some coffee somewhere and chat!

I'm Angelica:

photographer, your personal hype girl, dog mom

my fur baby, Mocha. 


Mocha is my ADORABLE pup who I have had the pleasure of loving since I was in 6th grade. I named her after having my very first mocha frappuccino (yep, you read that right!) She is there for me for throughout all of my long hours of editing and can immediately brighten my day. She truly is my best friend, as cliché as that sounds. 

ATTN Clients! Bringing your pets to sessions will increase photographer's happiness and amazing images/memories. We highly recommend and appreciate it! ;)

fave place:

the ocean


The ocean is my greatest escape. No matter the day I am having, I can always trust in the ocean for the calming relief. Whether it's a drive down PCH, a picnic with loved ones, or enjoying a great book on the sand - those are my happiest days. There is so much that interests me about the sea. Marine Biology is something I wanted to get into and I am a huge lover of ocean documentaries. 

fun fact:


Feb 2020 - 

i'm getting married!

fun fact:

I have 3+ nicknames!


Jelli, Jell, Ang - and probably 5 more. There's too many to count. I am introduced as Jelli 9 times out of 10. I constantly have to reassure people that is not my real name but it's definitely stuck. 

This nickname all started back when I was a baby, and once my friends started to catch on. Now that I have reached a more professional point in my life, you'd think the nicknames would fade, but people still refer to my by many nicknames and I LOVE it. 

It warms my heart when my clients or even people I just met call me by my nickname. Don't get me wrong, I love my name Angelica, but Jell has a great ring to it! 

A few of my favorites



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Hiring a wedding photographer, or any photographer for that matter, is a very intimate and scary experience. You are essentially opening up yourselves to someone that is responsible for documenting a special moment in your lives. This is why it is extremely important to me that I schedule multiple meetings throughout the planning process to ensure that you are comfortable with me and that you are getting the photos you want. 

My clients are more than just clients to me. They are my friends and the love and care I give them is the driving force in my business. I chose this as my career path because of my passion for helping and caring for others. 

I can assure you that you will be cared for throughout this process and I will never let questions remain unanswered. I am not only your photographer, but I am a resource that you can use to bounce ideas off of, and ask for advice and recommendations. 


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I believe that investing in photography services is something you will never regret. I am forever grateful for the countless photos and videos my parents took of our childhood. Reflecting on those times brings you back to a state of peace and pure happiness. These tangible keepsakes will forever be cherished for generations to come. Life is so valuable and precious - I believe in preserving the lives that matter to us through photos. 



Love is what ties everything and everyone together. I truly believe that LOVE is the strongest force, and makes a huge impact in the world. If we all showed a little more love to those who mattered - stop nitpicking at unnecessary things, and start appreciating the big AND small moments -  so many issues would be resolved. We only get so much time on this earth, and it is so important to spread your love wherever you can and as much as you can. 

I have a lot of pride in the experience I give each of my clients. I am always working towards perfecting the Angelica Marie Photography experience and I am very happy with the direction is it going.  My clients are more than just clients to me, they are my friends. I am here to walk them through the process and give them the resources necessary for them to get the results they want. I am not just a photographer that shows up the day of the shoot with no background knowledge of what you want. I am there every step of the way to ensure the best results.