WOOHOOOO!! I am beyond thankful and excited to finally be able to reveal my new brand and website!!

This launch is not just about a new website and new branding. It’s truly a celebration of my self-discovery journey through these past four years of full time entrepreneurship and all the messy years of side hustling before then. I’ve been DIYing my business from the very beginning. As you can see in the Reel I posted on IG, it’s been a freaking journey and my website/brand as been through all the stages. My most recent web design was something I was super proud of but was based off what other photographers were doing and I created an aesthetic that I felt like would be most marketable. It was a great 4 years with that website, but I’m proud of this one because it fully represents me. The light hearted, fun-loving person I am and the experience I offer. This is my heart and soul presented and designed beautifully by Sarah Ann Design. She is INSANELY talented and just a breath of fresh air. I loved working every second with her, dreaming up this concept and seeing her make it a reality.

So why launch on May 19th?!

I have always been a nerd for all things self-discovery and have read almost all of the self-help books out there. It wasn’t until I hit a pretty dark place while planning our wedding that I finally went to searching for a therapist. I have never truly understood the process. I tried it once in college and just lied to her the entire session by telling her how great life was going LOL. I have now been going to therapy for the past year and a half and am amazed by the results. I finally feel like I am at a place in my life AND business where I truly believe in myself. The imposter syndrome and comparison still creep in from time to time. But the confidence I have in myself, in my work and in the value I offer is something I have never truly felt until recently. If you’ve never felt that and you do now – you know how good that feels. So friends, I thank you for following along this wild journey! Truly my business would not be where it was without the trust and encouragement from all you along the way. I hope you love my new site and branding as much as I do!

Here’s a fun video I made to document the journey!

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